Kuo: Vision Pro sales collapse, Apple changes strategy

Sales of the Apple Vision Pro are extremely disappointing, forcing Apple to adjust its strategy. Apple is taking these measures.

Apple Vision Pro sales are disappointing

According to rumors, sales of the Vision Pro in the United States are very disappointing. Apple released the glasses in early February, with a starting price of no less than $3,499. This high price is the result of the advanced technology in the glasses. For example, the headset has two micro-LED screens, twelve cameras and the production process takes a lot of time. The Apple Vision Pro is not suitable for the general public due to its high price.

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This is now reflected in the sales figures of the headset, because sales collapsed after the release of the Vision Pro. In the first few weeks, Apple’s headset was often sold, but that has now changed. In addition, a number of users returned the glasses within the return period. Reason enough for Apple to adjust its strategy with the Vision Pro.

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Apple cuts estimated sales in half

Before the release of the Vision Pro, Apple had estimated sales of 700,000 to 800,000 devices per year. That number has now been adjusted to 400,000 to 450,000, almost half less. The glasses are therefore sold much less than Apple actually expected. This certainly applies to the United States, the headset has not yet been released in any other country. That will change soon, because the Vision Pro will come to Europe before the WWDC.

This means that the Vision Pro will be released in more countries before June. It is expected that sales figures will then increase again. However, Apple does not have high expectations for the release, because the company expects to sell only 450,000 headsets worldwide in 2024. According to the usually reliable Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has therefore decided to wait with the Vision Pro 2.

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Vision Pro 2 postponed

Apple was reportedly planning to release the second generation of the Vision Pro as early as next year. Due to disappointing sales figures, this release has been postponed, Apple is forced to adjust its strategy. The company probably needs more time to perfect the Vision Pro and to bring the price down. Previous rumors already predicted that Apple is working on a cheaper version of the Vision Pro.

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It does not appear that Apple is in major trouble due to the disappointing sales of the Vision Pro. Last year it was predicted that Apple would only sell 400,000 devices in 2024, so there is a good chance that the company already took this into account. Only with the cheaper version of the Vision Pro does the company expect higher sales figures. Would you like to know more about the Vision Pro One? Then read all about the cheaper version of Apple’s expensive headset here!

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