Leaked photo shows prototype HomePod with display

The rumor that Apple is working on a HomePod with a display continues to circulate. Now there’s a new leaked photo that confirms the speculation.

HomePod prototype with display

Amazon led the way with the Echo Show and Google followed with the Nest Hub. Years ago, both companies introduced a smart speaker with an integrated screen to control your smart home, watch YouTube or see who is at the door. Only Apple hasn’t made this possible – at least, not yet!

However, a leaked photo now shows a prototype HomePod with a real display on the top. The current model only contains colored LEDs. Moreover, a feature of iOS 17 is an even clearer indication of a HomePod with a display. Would you like to read along?

Standby mode in iOS 17

In iOS 17, Apple introduced Standby mode. This turns an iPhone 14 Pro or newer into a smart-home display, as you know from its competitors. Analysts assume that Apple uses this to test the software for a HomePod with display. A similar function is planned for iPadOS 18, but even more extensive to use the iPad as a smart home center.

What does the prototype entail?

Meanwhile, leaker and collector Kosutami has shared some new details about a HomePod prototype at X. Firstly, the model shown would be almost identical in size and appearance to the second HomePod generation.

However, Apple will no longer use LEDs on the top that can only display a few color patterns. Instead, the company will use a real screen to better display content. This includes, for example, displaying the current song or podcast. Notifications for calls or messages could also appear here.

An integrated display offers many new possibilities. We only like the placement at the top iPhoned a little bit crazy. After all, you can only recognize the content if you look at it from above. Of course it remains a prototype and that could easily change in the final version.

Cheating on the neighbors

However, we have another idea. Maybe Apple should take a design idea from Google’s Pixel Tablet to take over. This has a dock with an integrated speaker that charges the tablet wirelessly. Apple is also reportedly working on a wireless charging method for the iPad, which will likely be very similar to the design of the Pixel.

Want to transform our iPad into a real smart home center, including a HomePod-worthy speaker? We find that even more interesting than a HomePod with a display. But what do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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