Lexus Electrified: Lexus RZ 450e and three other EVs

Lexus RZLexus RZLexus RZLexus RZLexus RZLexus RZLexus RZ

In addition to Toyota itself, luxury brand Lexus also comes with a solid EV line-up. That starts with the previously announced RZ, but it certainly doesn’t stop there.

Toyota is presenting a brief preview this morning of the electric bZ lineup, which is similar to Volkswagen’s ID range and Hyundai’s targeted Ioniq offering. Luxury brand Lexus is of course happily participating in this electrification battle. Under the name Lexus Electrified, this brand also presents a series of EVs that each deserve their own article, were it not for the fact that there is still little image and information available. So expect follow-up posts with more details in the future, but here’s what we already know.

The first and most concrete news is without a doubt the Lexus RZ, which was previously presented under a canvas. This relatively compact SUV can be described as the premium brother of the bZ4X, which in turn is Toyota’s first EV on the electric E-TNGA platform. The RZ is now fully visible for the first time, although only the front is really clear. The RZ most resembles a cross between the bZ4X (the proportions) and an RX (the details), although that is a bit succinct. Striking is the line that runs from the front wheel arch to the rear door. The nose may also be there. The car is clearly recognizable as a Lexus because of the wide-flaring middle section, without actually having a grille applied. Good looking.

Lexus RZ

In an accompanying video, the first edition of the model appears to be called ‘RZ450e’. The 450 indicates its place in the range, the ‘e’ stands for electric, of course. The bZ4X is currently available as a front-wheel drive with 204 hp and four-wheel drive with 218 hp, but the Lexus may get more power. Unfortunately, we simply don’t know that yet.

super athlete

More exciting news comes in the form of the car that is currently being called the Lexus ‘Sports Battery EV’. Lexus itself makes comparisons with the legendary Lexus LFA when it comes to this car, so that’s promising. The big difference is, of course, that the new supersport is fully electric. It won’t be the appearance, because with a gigantic long nose, very low body and huge wheels, Lexus’ electric supercar looks undeniably cool. By the way, the performance should also be fine. Lexus mentions a 0-100 time of just above 2 seconds, which puts this car in the water of cars like the future Tesla Roadster. The super sporty EV must also be able to travel more than 700 km on a full battery.


Lexus aims to have a full electric range by 2030. The brand can even switch completely to electric in Europe, North America and China, followed by the rest of the world in 2035. This naturally also requires more ‘sensible’ models. Lexus is therefore also showing a sedan and a larger SUV, although no further information is available about these models. The Lexus Electrified Sedan, as the car is currently called, is reminiscent of the new IS. Yet it is completely different, again with a striking crease in the flank. The front is also largely closed here, but very different from the RZ. The Lexus Electrified SUV, as the latest harbinger is called, is more like the RZ in that respect. This foreshadows a big seven-seater, a category in which Lexus is currently very successful in the US, Russia and Asia, among others.

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