Lexus RZ drops well below ’60’ as RZ 300e

Even cheaper as a Business Line

Lexus RZ 300e

The electric Lexus RZ is now also available as a front-wheel drive RZ 300e. As a reader of, you already knew that, but its price is new.

The electric RZ is disrespectfully the Lexus brother of the Toyota bZ4X, although it is certainly not a rebadge. The Lexus has its own interior and exterior and until recently was only available as a two-motor and therefore four-wheel drive RZ 450e, with 313 hp. We recently became virtually acquainted with the front-wheel drive entry-level car, the 300e. It produces 150 kW or 204 hp from one engine, with the same charging capacities (11/150 kW).

The battery pack of 71.4 kWh is also the same and we know what that means: the lighter front-wheel drive requires a charging stop slightly less often. According to the WLTP cycle, it can travel 480 kilometers at best, compared to a range of 440 kilometers for a similarly equipped RZ 450e. The difference in range between the equipment levels is striking: the top version President Line, as the RZ 300e, only reaches a range of 430 kilometers, while the RZ 450e President Line only operates just above the 400 kilometer range.

Anyway, the prices. The front-wheel drive Lexus RZ 300e is available from €57,995. This means that this Comfort Line costs €4,000 less than the similarly equipped RZ 450e and that price difference is reflected in the other versions. The complete overview can be found below.

Prices Lexus RZ

Comfort Line
RZ 300e €57,995
RZ 450e €61,995
Executive Line
RZ 300e €60,995
RZ 450e €64,995
Luxury Line
RZ 300e €64,995
RZ 450e €68,995
President Line
RZ 300e €68,995
RZ 450e €72,995

Business Line

Lexus has two Business Line versions of the RZ 300e especially for the business driver. At €57,660, the regular Business Line is slightly cheaper than the Comfort Line, but the big gain for those among us is the tax value of €55,995. In addition, the Business Line is slightly more luxurious than the Comfort Line, with standard steering wheel heating, illuminated door sills and roof rails. If you want even more luxury, you can go to the Business Line Pro. It is also available as a RZ 450e and costs €62,660 or €66,660 depending on that choice, with tax values ​​of €60,995 and €64,995 respectively.

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