Liver Detox: These remedies cleanse the liver naturally

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Unhealthy food and too much alcohol are the main causes of toxins in the liver. We’ll tell you how you can effectively detoxify your liver using natural means.

Detoxifying the Liver: Where Do The Toxins Come From?

The liver is responsible for detoxification in our body: it stores nutrients and controls the metabolism. In addition to the skin, the liver filters out most of the pathogens and waste products of all organs and excretes them again via the kidneys or bile. These waste products include substances such as alcohol, nicotine and medication. Although our livers are very robust, too many toxins can damage the liver.

Often we don’t even noticewhen the liver is sick. Therefore, it makes sense to regularly regenerate your liver so that it can continue to detoxify your body.

These foods naturally detoxify the liver

In general, the best way to protect your liver is with one balanced nutrition and by avoiding the “poisons” mentioned in the previous section. The following foods especially help to detoxify your liver:

  • garlic contains selenium, which the liver does loudly NDR helps detoxify.
  • Walnuts help among other things zincto keep the liver healthy.
  • broccoli contains Glucosinolatesthat help the liver against certain toxins. The substance is also in radish and radish.
  • Bitter substances, for example from chicory or artichokes, stimulate the liver.
  • lemon helped in Try on miceTo reduce damage to the liver from alcohol consumption.
  • Beetroot According to the NDR, it contains numerous vitamins and minerals that are important for the liver. The vegetables also improve blood circulation.
  • artichokes According to the NDR, they stimulate the metabolism and thus relieve the liver.
  • linseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that help the liver detoxify help.
  • turmeric contains curcumin. According to the NDR, this promotes the function of the bile and thus relieves the liver.

Tips for detoxifying the liver: liver wraps

Epsom salads like chicory and broccoli help detoxify the liver.
Epsom salads like chicory and broccoli help detoxify the liver.
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With Liver compress you can detoxify your liver faster. This is possible because a liver wrap is warm and moist – it stimulates the blood flow to the liver and is supposed to increase its performance. That is how it goes:

  1. Prepare a hot water bottle, a small towel, and a regular towel.
  2. Fill the hot water bottle with hot water.
  3. Dip the guest towel in warm water and wring it out well.
  4. Place the moist, warm little towel folded twice on your liver (it sits on the right under the ribs of the rib cage), place the hot water bottle on top and wrap the larger towel around your stomach as airtight as possible.
  5. Lie still for about 30 minutes.

Note: You should not use the liver wrap if you have gastric bleeding, stomach or intestinal ulcers!

Fasting for Liver Detoxification

Fasting is said to prevent fatty liver disease.
Fasting is said to prevent fatty liver disease.
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According to the Helmholtz Center in Munich Fasting can improve the metabolism of the liver and thus prevent fatty liver disease. There are numerous different types of fasts, for example Intermittent fasting, Base fasting or Juice fasting.

tip: When fasting you should take it slowly, otherwise your organism will be overloaded. You can learn more about different ones here Fasting Trends.

These toxins damage the liver

If you want to detoxify the liver, you should be better at the following things dispense:

  • Alcohol and nicotine
  • Sweets and sweetened foods
  • unhealthy fats (for example Trans fats)
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • too less sleep
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