Logitech reveals: iPad Pro 2022 coming in October

There have been rumors that Apple will announce the new iPad Pro 2022 in October. But thanks to a special product page, we now know for sure!

New iPad Pros are coming

The rumor about the new iPad Pro 2022 comes from the Logitech website. On the product page of the digital pencil Crayon you will find a list of all iPad models that are supported by the Logitech Crayon. To that list, the company recently added two new iPad Pro models. These are:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen)
    • Model: Coming soon
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen)
    • Model: Coming Soon
crayon: new iPad Pro

These are indeed the models that we have long expected Apple to announce in October. So it is now almost certain that we will also get these new iPad Pros.

Logitech Crayon: just like an Apple Pencil

Apple and Logitech work closely together when it comes to the Crayon. This is also the reason that only Logitech offers a stylus that has the same functions within iPadOS as the stylus from Apple itself. Apparently Logitech was just a little too early to list the new iPad Pros on the website. The listing has since disappeared from the website.

The Logitech Crayon was first announced in March 2018 at the Apple event focused on education. Because Apple works so exclusively with Logitech, it’s very likely that Logitech has reliable information about upcoming iPad Pro updates.

The next iPad is coming

In addition to the new iPad Pro 2022 to be shown in October, Apple is also working on a new version of the iPad entry-level model. That iPad version without a home button and an A14 chip gets a USB-C connection instead of Lightning. However, nothing was mentioned about this iPad 10 model on the Logitech website. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Logitech is now working on a new Crayon version that doesn’t use Lightning.

iPad 2022

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