Looking for a seven-seater for a maximum of 10,000 euros

Renault Grand Scenic

Although the majority of families can cope with a passenger car for five people and a large trunk, there are still larger households that do not have enough of that. We are looking for a fresh seven-seater for them with a price of up to €10,000.

Grand Grandis

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Mitsubishi Grandis

It goes without saying that MPVs have been out of favor for quite some time. The consumer has spoken and apparently wants a crossover or SUV these days. And yet there is much to be said for the practical and down-to-earth Multi Purpose Vehicle of yesteryear. Take a look at this sleek-looking 2010 Mitsubishi Grandis. Admittedly, the body, as befits an MPV, is a bit stale. But to compensate, this Insport version does have a nice 17-inch alloy wheels, tinted rear windows and even a real spoiler for the essential downforce that this variant with thick 165 hp needs. Who dares to say that MPVs are boring and old-fashioned? The two-tone interior looks fresh and can therefore accommodate seven people. This neat copy is equipped with an automatic transmission, cruise control, climate control and heated door mirrors. According to the seller, the maintenance history is partly present, so that can be a point of attention when negotiating.

Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 Insport
133.101 km


Ford C-Max

Ford C-Max

It remains a bit uncomfortable that Ford has chosen to spoon a small 1.0 three-cylinder in the fairly hefty C-max. Nevertheless, the now widely known and used EcoBoost engine is especially praised by professionals and consumers. You won’t easily win a traffic light sprint with 120 horsepower, but that will be a proverbial sausage for the future buyer. Who wants space, comfort and enough seats for the whole family and the C-Max does not disappoint. If Dad still wants to let the wild hair blow in the wind, he can lower the power windows and just enjoy the excellent and practically unbeatable Ford chassis, which makes the car wonderfully dynamic. Nice and practical and quite unique are the sliding doors for the rear two rows of seats, making it easy to get in and out. This dealer-maintained Ford is the Titanium version, so it’s fine in the stuff.

Ford C-Max 1.0 Titanium
89,721 km


Renault Grand Scenic

Renault Grand Scenic

When MPVs were still hip and happening in the car world, Renault did very good business with the Scénic, which in the first years was still referred to as Mégane Scénic. The French space wonder was in great demand with Dutch families and you could find the Scénics on every street corner. SUVs and crossovers have taken over and this third-generation Scénic from 2011 has already experienced some disruption, resulting in declining sales figures. Too bad, because apart from the fact that the Renaults from this period were sometimes plagued by electronic ghosts, the Scénics are very spacious, comfortable and practical with countless storage compartments. The ultimate family car, in which attention has also been paid to the rear passengers, including folding tables and roller blinds. This Dynamique version comes from the third owner and, judging by the photos, it still looks good.

Renault Grand Scenic Dynamique
138,978 km

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