macOS Sonoma: this is how you prepare your Mac for the update

It’s time for an update again, because macOS Sonoma will be released for your Mac tonight. This is how you prepare your Mac for the update!

macOS Sonoma arrives tonight

After iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, a new update will be released tonight, it is the turn of macOS Sonoma. In the latest version of macOS, widgets finally come to the Mac and your computer gets a special Game Mode. In addition, other apps are receiving minor updates, such as Safari being expanded and you can add fun effects during a video call.

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So there are some nice new features coming to your Mac with macOS Sonoma and the update can already be installed tonight. It is wise to prepare your PC for the new version of macOS to ensure that you have enough storage space available when downloading macOS Sonoma. Unfortunately, it often takes a lot of time to clean up all the files, but a program now offers a handy solution for this.

macos widgets

This way you can clean up your Mac very quickly

Cleaning up your Mac is often quite a job, especially because there are many folders with strange files. There are sometimes documents on your Mac that you don’t need at all. For example, this spring a hidden document was discovered in macOS, containing information about Bitcoin. This was just one of the many (often hard to find) files on your Mac that you should delete.

The company MacPaw has a useful program for this, because with CleanMyMac your device is cleaned at the touch of a button. The app removes all unnecessary files, making your Mac work a lot faster and freeing up more memory. In addition, CleanMyMac also removes malware, so that your computer is completely free of unwanted programs and files.

Install CleanMyMac for free here

CleanMyMac removes unnecessary files from your Mac without you having to invest a lot of time yourself. Are you afraid that important documents will still be deleted? Then you don’t have to worry, because CleanMyMac never throws away files without asking permission. Here you can download the program for free, so that your Mac will be tidy again in no time!

Install CleanMyMac here

After you install CleanMyMac for free, you’ll need to choose how many Macs you want to license. If you take out a one-year subscription for one Mac, you pay 39.95 euros. Do you want to make a one-time purchase? Then you pay 89.95 euros and you always have access to the software. This way you’re always prepared for the latest macOS updates, starting with macOS Sonoma tonight.

macOS sonoma safari

Offers at MacPaw

It is advisable to share a license with others, because the price is comparatively much lower if you add multiple Macs to CleanMyMac. In addition, the packages are now on sale, so you now pay 199.95 euros instead of 449.75 euros for a one-time purchase of a license for five Macs. Share this amount with your friends or family and it will be cheaper than with an individual subscription for just one year.

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The new macOS update will arrive tonight, probably around 7 p.m Dutch time. Are you curious about all the new features coming to your Mac with macOS Sonoma? Read here what you can expect from the update. Does your Mac no longer support the latest update? Then view the prices of the MacBook Pro 2023 and the MacBook Air 2023 here, so that you pay the best price!

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