Make liver wrap yourself: application and effect

Liver wraps are an effective home remedy to help your liver detoxify. Here you can find out how the wrap works and how you can apply it yourself.

The liver: not just an organ of poisoning

Regular alcohol consumption damages the liver.

The liver is the largest of our internal organs and is responsible for many essential body processes. The liver is not just ours most important detoxification organ, but also involved in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It also stores excess glucose as well vitamins and trace elements, which later makes available to the body.

Today’s lifestyle is many very stressful for the liver. Fast food, too much sugar, coffee, cigarettes alcohol and the regular intake of pill and painkillers become even too much even for this high-performance organ. The result can be a variety of diseases, such as fatty liver or chronic fatigue.

Liver wraps: effect and application

While doing the liver wrap, you should just lie down and relax.

To support the liver in its important function, you can use a liver wrap. The wet-hot wrap reinforces one study according to the blood supply to the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts. The vessels widen and facilitate the drainage of the bile, which speeds up the detoxification process. In addition, laying on a liver wrap seems to relax the parasympathetic nervous system, which is partly responsible for physical regeneration processes.

For a liver wrap you need the following:

  • a hot water bottle
  • a small towel or a washcloth
  • a big towel

The application of liver wraps is very simple:

  1. First boil water for the hot water bottle. Let it cool down for about 10 minutes before filling it, otherwise the liver wrap on the skin could be too hot.
  2. Then dampen the small towel or washcloth with hot water and then wring it out so that it does not drip.
  3. Lie comfortably on your back and place the wet towel on your right upper abdomen, where the liver is.
  4. Now place the hot water bottle on the damp towel and then wrap the upper abdomen as tightly as possible with the larger towel so that no air gets to the wrap.
  5. It is best to cover yourself with a warm woolen blanket or duvet, relax, and let the liver wrap work for 20 to 30 minutes before removing it.

Liver wraps: important information

You can use the liver wrap as often as you like. The best time is in the evening, since you often feel special after using it to sleep well can.

Tip: Do you feel that there is one cold or is there another infection? Then this is a good opportunity to make a liver wrap. The wrap supports your immune system and can therefore help prevent minor illnesses from developing.

If you have your period, you shouldn’t do liver wraps because it can increase bleeding. Even with chronic diseases and long-term medication, you should speak to your doctor before use.

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