Making movies with Video Moments

Make a short video with Video Moments

Choose the best sixty seconds from a video and edit the images in Video Moments into a special video with captions and music.

There are many short videos on social media. For example, there are even media, such as Instagram, where the videos can last a maximum of sixty seconds. The Video Moments app in Windows 10 makes creating such videos easy.

Video Moments is available for free in the Store. We describe how to put an app from the Store on your computer in the tip ‘Download an app in Windows 10’.

Once the app is on the computer, open it in the same way as other programs.

  • click on Start (the Start button).
  • click on Video moments.

Start by choosing the video you want to edit.

  • click on Choose a video.
  • The Explorer opens. Click on the video.
  • click on To open.

The video is now in the app.

Maybe not every part of the video is usable or the video is longer than the allowed 60 seconds. Make the video a bit shorter like this:

  • There is a white circle at the beginning and end of the video. Click on the circle and hold down the mouse button. Drag the circle to the correct place. This can be done with the circle at the beginning as well as at the end of the timeline.
    Trim video
  • Click on the first circle to see if the truncation is correct and then click on the play sign on the video.
  • Adjust the selection if desired.

You can place a text about the video.

  • Click on the spot in the timeline where you want the caption to go.
  • Click on the purple circle caption.
  • Type the caption.
  • The text appears immediately on the screen. Click on the circle with brush Brush to format the caption.
  • Click on the desired format.
  • By default, the text is in a still image. Don’t you want that? Then click on the circle with square Still Image Caption. The text will then be superimposed on the playing video.
  • Click on the circle with a check mark Caption agree once the caption is to your liking.

It is also possible to put music under the video.

  • click on Music.
  • Click on the option you want. We now choose Download featured songs.
  • The download starts. This may take a while. After that, different music tracks will appear. Click on the play sign for the song to listen to it.
    Add music
  • Click on the number so it turns purple to use the number.
  • Do you want to hear only the music and not the sound from the video? Then click on Mute audio from the video.
  • Click the video to close the music options screen.

Would you like to see what the video looks like in the meantime? Then click on Example. Then click To process to further edit the video.

Save the created video like this:

  • click on Example.
  • You see the sample video. click on Save.
  • The Explorer opens. Enter a name of the video.
  • Browse to where you want to save the video.
  • click on Save.

The video has been saved.

You can also share created videos. For example, via social media or email.

  • click on Example.
  • You see the sample video. click on To share.
  • Click the way you want and follow the steps. The steps are different for each chosen remedy.

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