Manufacturers: ‘Only emission-free trucks in 2040’

All trucks entering the European market in 2040 must be able to drive emission-free. The big ones have that truck manufacturers agreed in Europe. The initiators add that they need help from politicians, among others.

Most trucks currently run on diesel. Fully electric trucks are still used sparingly, partly because of the limited distance they can travel without having to recharge the battery. According to the signatories, this must change.

Manufacturers are willing to invest heavily in cleaner trucks. But then policymakers must contribute by, for example, encouraging transporters to buy cleaner trucks, for example through CO2 pricing. There must also be enough places where trucks can charge their batteries or refuel with hydrogen. Hydrogen in particular is seen as an interesting way to make trucks drive electrically.

The agreement was concluded under the aegis of ACEA, the association of car manufacturers in Europe. DAF, MAN, Scania, Ford, Daimler and Volvo, among others, have put their signatures. The latter is also responsible for Renault trucks. By only selling clean trucks from 2040, the entire truck fleet can be climate neutral ten years later. In addition, it improves the air quality.

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