Many apps will no longer work on your old iPhone (iPhone news #14)

Apple stops supporting many apps on old iPhones and a car manufacturer stops CarPlay. This is the most important Apple and iPhone news of the week!

Almost all Apple apps will no longer work on old iPhones

old apps apple iPhone

Do you still use an old iPhone? Then click through, because it seems that almost all Apple apps will soon no longer work on old iPhones. This is according to a recently published support document from Apple.

We list for you which apps you will soon have to miss and especially which devices this applies to.

Will your iPhone soon no longer be supported?

Watch Apple TV Plus for free: binge movies and series for free

watch apple tv plus free

Apple TV Plus has recently seen many new series and exclusive films. For example, the Tetris film and the docu-series about the Real Madrid football club can only be seen on Apple’s streaming service.

To watch Apple TV Plus you have to pay and take out a subscription, but iPhoned show how you can now (temporarily) watch the whole month for free!

This way, you can watch Apple TV+ for free for a month

Apple is working on AirPods charging box with screen

airpods box screen

Apple regularly continues to tinker with the design of the AirPods and the accompanying charging box. A patent has now surfaced that Apple already filed in 2021. It shows AirPods and the charging box, with screen. In this way, the AirPods immediately become a kind of modern iPod.

In addition, the patent contains even more details about how the charging box with screen will work. You want to know this.

AirPods with screen? I find that interesting

Here are the best alternatives to Apple’s Weather app

Basically, Apple’s Weather app has everything you’d expect from a good weather app. It looks slick, the forecasts are reasonably accurate, you have functions for a rain radar and air quality and you can even receive notifications for severe weather.

Only, if all Apple’s Weather app is constantly out of the air, it is of little use to you. That’s why we went looking for the best alternatives to Apple’s Weather app!

Show me those alternatives

iPhone 15 Pro: this is how the new solid state buttons work

iphone 15 pro buttons

The iPhone 15 Pro will no longer have physical buttons, but so-called solid state buttons that you can no longer press. It was not yet known how these will work – but we do have some ideas.

Based on information from a leaker and our own insights, we have listed how the buttons may work.

This is possible with the new buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro

These car brands are no longer getting CarPlay – and here’s why

CarPlay iOS 16

General Motors has announced that new cars will no longer support Apple’s CarPlay. Instead, the company will work with Google to create a replacement for CarPlay. The new cars then have Google Maps and the Google Assistant installed as standard.

Some GM cars sold in Europe will also be affected by this. We list them for you.

These are the cars that will soon no longer have CarPlay

The iPhone with the best camera: these are the 4 best options

camera iphone

The smartphone has been the most popular camera for years. Do you also like to capture every moment with your iPhone, preferably with a bit of quality? Then you have to be with Apple. These are the four iPhones with the best camera at the moment.

The range of smartphones with a good camera is now very large, even within a brand like Apple. That’s why we’ve listed four iPhones with the best camera for you. As you are used to from us, we also tell you where you can get them the cheapest.

I want an iPhone with the best camera

Roadmap reveals Apple’s plans for future iPhones

When will Face ID really get under the screen and what new functions will the future iPhone still get? With the help of a leaked roadmap, we take a look at the future of Apple’s iPhone!

We even know roughly what the iPhone of 2027 will look like! That would be the iPhone 19 at the current count!

Now show me the leaked roadmap!

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