Many commuters see working from home as a keeper

The corona crisis is forcing a very large part of the working Netherlands to work from home. Many people seem to like it very much. It is therefore likely that after the crisis it will play a greater role for some of the commuters – where possible.

More than a month ago, working as much as possible at home became the new standard for the entire country. This is immediately reflected on the Dutch roads. According to the Knowledge Institute for Mobility (KiM), we don’t cover an average of 94 kilometers in three days, but only 30 kilometers. An important share of this decrease is accounted for by the home workers. According to KiM research, 61 percent of them say that they are doing quite well in their work from home. A quarter of the employed indicate that they also want to work at home more after the crisis. Of course this must also be an option for the employer if it is to become reality.

One thing is certain: the roads will remain quieter for a long time than before Corona. Recently, calculations from KiM already showed that traffic levels may remain below the level of 2019 for several years. Obviously, this largely depends on the economic consequences of this crisis, but it is therefore very likely that more working from home will play an important role in this.

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