Maserati makes special statement with MC20

Maserati is at the start of a new era. The new MC20 is the first supercar of this new era. The Italians make a special statement in the new teaser.

It is the first time that Maserati has shown the MC20. Although the car is “moved” in the photos, it is clearly visible what the Italians are planning with the newcomer. The design shows classic lines for a sporty model with a short nose, low carriage and relatively long back. To make sure that the supercar is not too clearly visible, the MC20 is provided with a special camouflaged wrap. A part that incidentally can be seen razor sharp on all three photos, is always behind the car. An immense image of a middle finger is prominent with every photo.

The photos were taken on the Piazza degli Affari in Milan. The giant middle finger is a work of art made by Maurizio Cattelan with L.O.V.E. as a special working title. According to Maserati it is ‘a symbol of Italian guts wrapped in an international contemporary work of art’.

The text with the three photos makes the statement slightly clear: “Who said it couldn’t be done.” Maserati is therefore quite self-assured with its new model, a car that at least comes with an electrified version and possibly even a fully electric version later. The name of the car refers to Maserati Corse and the year in which we meet him, because Maserati is already presenting the MC20 next May. In Modena, Italy, the car later rolls off the production line.

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