Mercedes-Benz EQB considerably cheaper due to new engine version

Mercedes-Benz EQB

The electric Mercedes-Benz EQB gets a significantly lower starting price due to the arrival of a new engine version. AutoWeek can report this exclusively.

If you go shopping for an electric crossover at Mercedes-Benz, you will come across the EQB there, among other things. The electric car, available with both five and seven seats, had a starting price of €64,031, but will be a lot cheaper with the arrival of a new engine version. The Mercedes-Benz EQB will soon also be available as a less powerful EQB 250, which will cost about €56,400.

The new EQB 250 is a new 190 hp and 375 Nm engine version that nestles under the 228 hp EQB 300. Just like the EQB 300 and the EQB 350, the EQB 250 has a 66.5 kWh battery pack. The fiscal price of the EQB 250 is set at €55,418. It is expected that an additional €990 will be incurred for road preparation, which brings the starting price of the Mercedes-Benz EQB 250 to €56,408. That amount is for the Business Line. The Luxury Line and AMG Line have fiscal prices of €56,628 and €60,500 respectively, which would correspond to a starting price (including roadworthiness costs) of €57,618 and €61,490.

This message will be supplemented when the final prices are known. Then we also hope to be able to report what the range of the new Mercedes-Benz EQB 250 is.

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