More fixed and flexible speed cameras on the way

Also more phone checks and flex flashes

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In the near future, the Public Prosecution Service will take a closer look at the distribution and installation of fixed and flexible speed cameras in our country. The number of speed cameras will grow and existing poles will be moved or replaced.

NOS reports this. The majority of the speed cameras in our country would need to be replaced. The outdated posts are being replaced by newer types, which have a sharper view and can monitor multiple lanes at the same time. In addition, the number of fixed speed cameras must be expanded, from about 600 now to 650. This concerns pure speed posts, but also posts that (also) check whether you are driving through a red light.

The ‘flex flashes’ announced in 2022 apparently also leave you wanting more. There are currently 28 of these flexible, movable speed cameras in use, but that number should increase to 125. The Public Prosecution Service also wants to carry out stricter and more frequent checks on telephone use behind the wheel, for which 50 special cameras will be used.

It is not the case that only poles will be added, because fixed speed cameras will also disappear here and there. This would then concern locations where (partly) due to the speed cameras, people no longer drive too fast, if at all.

Although the Public Prosecution Service appears to have a clear view of the speed camera plan for the coming years, the last word has not yet been said about the amount of the associated fines. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the fines are often simply too high, which means they are out of proportion to more serious crimes and would reduce support in society. The chance that these fines will indeed be reduced soon seems small: another increase is planned for next year.

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