Netflix introduces drastic measures against account sharing

Netflix users in the Netherlands are facing major changes. Soon you will have to pay extra if you want to share your Netflix account with others. This has been planned for a long time, but is now really going to happen.

Additional costs for Netflix account sharing

If the editors of iPhoned is somewhat representative of the rest of the Netherlands, then almost everyone will share their Netflix account. It has been announced for some time, but will soon Netflix take action to counter this. Each person who does not live under one roof with you must pay € 3.99 extra per month. Netflix hopes to be able to significantly increase its income with this.

The good news is that all users within the same household can still share the same account. The company keeps secret how Netflix keeps track of who belongs to the same household. Logical, because the company naturally wants to prevent you from circumventing this.

Sharing a Netflix account was allowed for a long time

Netflix has long tolerated and even encouraged account sharing. However, the focus of video streaming is now not on collecting as many users as possible, but on hard money.

The fight against account sharing at Netflix was announced a while ago and the company has already tested it in several countries. However, until now, Netflix had never officially announced an introduction in other countries. However, it is now known that the measures will also affect households in the US. The US is Netflix’s main market.

Pricing account share Netflix

With a price of € 3.99, the additional amount for account sharing is half the price of the cheapest Netflix Basic subscription. Speaking of which, that rate doesn’t allow you to add a member outside of your own household. This is only possible from the Standard subscription for € 11.99. The most expensive subscription remains the Premium subscription for € 15.99.

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Netflix money

This will change due to the measures

The introduction of additional fees for shared accounts has different effects on users and Netflix itself. Let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Increased revenue for Netflix

Netflix hopes to increase its revenues through the additional costs of non-Netflix subscribers. It is estimated that there are millions of households worldwide sharing the same account. If all of these start paying full or extra, Netflix can make quite a bit more money. However, it could also have the opposite effect. Many users who now share an account and may stop doing so may be much more likely to temporarily close their account. You can’t do that with a shared account.

2. Better cost distribution

It could be positive that the costs of a Netflix account are now shared fairly. People outside your household also have to pay, and no longer watch with you for free. On the other hand: we are Dutch. We already share the costs to the penny accurately anyway. However?

3. More convenience for households

Netflix emphasizes that users within the same household can continue to share the account without restrictions. Without extra costs. But let’s be honest: have you already experienced obstacles somewhere? Precisely.

Netflix alternatives

Have you had enough of Netflix’s plans? Fortunately, other streaming services still let you share your account, and also have a similar offer to Netflix. Or even a better offer. Our current favorites are Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+ (yes, really!). Try it out!

  • Amazon Prime Video (2.99 euros)
  • HBO Max Basic (5.99 euros)
  • Apple TV+ (6.99)
  • Disney Plus (9.99 euros)

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