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Renault KardianRenault KardianRenault KardianRenault KardianRenault Sandero (patent)Renault Sandero (patent)Renault Sandero (patent)Renault Sandero (patent)Renault Sandero (patent)Renault Sandero (patent)Renault Sandero (patent)

Renault Kardian

Renault will soon launch a new hatchback on the automotive market with which it focuses on the growth markets. Today we get to see more of the newcomer called Renault Kardian.

Little by little, Renault is releasing more of the Kardian. The Renault Kardian will be a relatively affordable compact five-door hatchback by European standards, but as far as we know, the car will not be on Western European asphalt. That’s not so strange. Although Renault is doing its best to warm up the mood for the arrival of the model, AutoWeek was able to show you the car from all angles in March this year. In a sense, we already have the car that appeared on the patent plates that emerged at that time in Europe.

Dacia Sandero Stepway Extreme

The Dacia Sandero Stepway.

The Renault Kardian will be presented in Brazil at the end of this month and will first be marketed in South America. Because the Dacia brand name has no history there, several Dacias are known as Renault there. For example, the Duster and cars like the Sandero are a Renault there. The current third generation Sandero is not yet for sale there as a Renault and most likely the Renault Kardian is in fact ‘the Sandero for South America’. Until now, the South American ‘Dacias from Renault’ have looked very similar to the Dacia versions, but a few years ago Renault indicated that it will soon be over for Dacias with Renault badges. The current Sandero for South America seems to have a much stronger own packaging than the Sandero you know here.

Renault Sandero (patent)

The Renault Kardian on patent image.

The patent plates that AutoWeek previously showed showed that the Renault Kardian is basically a Sandero, but with its own completely unique front and rear. In any case, the windows fully correspond to those of the Sandero. The Dutch importer already confirmed to AutoWeek that the Kardian is purely intended for growth markets and will therefore not come to the Netherlands.

However, do you see opportunities for the Renault Kardian in the Netherlands? Do you think it looks better than the Dacia Sandero and in particular the Sandero Stepway?

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