New Ford Transit spotted in old jacket

The next generation of the Ford Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom is being prepped. Although this mule does not reveal much yet, it is already known that Wolfsburg is also eagerly awaited.

On a trailer full of vans, our spy photographer noticed a Ford Tourneo Custom in particular. You don’t have to look twice to see that something special is going on with this. This is a mule, you can see that from the strangely pieced together nose of the bus. The well-known body hides the technical basis of the next generation Ford Transit Custom.

Although it is still a bit of a bummer at this stage what changes can be expected, the greatest achievement is already known. The car we see here is not only a precursor to the new Transit / Tourneo, but also to the next Volkswagen Transporter. Two years ago, Ford and Volkswagen announced that they were going to collaborate intensively, including in the field of company cars. The Volkswagen Transporter will have a successor on a Ford Transit Custom basis, while the next Ford Transit Connect will be the twin brother of the new Volkswagen Caddy.

The next Transit Custom will probably also come back on the market as the Tourneo Custom intended for passenger transport. Volkswagen takes a different path. The Ford-based Transporter gets a separate T7 Multivan for the more luxurious passenger transport in addition. However, it is not entirely inconceivable that in addition to the Tourneo Custom, Ford will also get its own variant of that Multivan. It will probably take until 2022 before we see the new Ford Transit Custom and Volkswagen Transporter in all its glory.

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