‘New iPads will be a lot more expensive’ – that’s how much you’ll pay

Apple will finally release new iPads in 2024, but they will reportedly be a lot more expensive. This is how much you will pay for the new tablets.

New iPads in 2024

While we saw no new iPads at all in 2023, Apple is expected to release no fewer than six (!) new iPads this year. This year, new generations of the ‘normal’ iPad and the iPad mini will appear and Apple will release both the new iPad Pro and the iPad Air in two sizes. Apple is going all out this year with new iPads, but unfortunately they will reportedly be a lot more expensive.

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This mainly concerns a price increase for the iPad Pro. The tablet will appear this year with an 11- and a 13-inch display, and that’s not just any screen. Apple is equipping the iPad Pro with an OLED screen for the first time this year, while the current iPad Pro still has a mini LED screen. With the 11-inch version we still have to make do with an LCD screen. That will change this year.

‘New iPads will be a lot more expensive’ – that’s how much you’ll pay

iPad Pro gets OLED screen

Apple is bringing the OLED screen to both the small and large versions of the iPad Pro. It is not surprising that Apple is switching to a new OLED screen, because the technology has a number of advantages. An OLED display has improved brightness, higher contrast, wider viewing angles and deeper black tones. We already see similar displays on the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The new OLED screen therefore means a major update, especially for the 11-inch version. Unfortunately, this OLED screen results in a much higher price for the iPads, because according to rumors the tablets will become extremely expensive. The iPad Pro with an 11-inch display will reportedly cost $1,500, while the 13-inch version will cost $1,800. Do you opt for more storage space and Cellular? Then you will have lost even more than 2000 dollars.

That’s how much the iPad Pro costs now

That would be a huge price increase, because you currently pay € 985 for the iPad Pro 2022. The new generation of the iPad Pro would therefore be (more than) twice as expensive. Other reasons for the price increase are reportedly more storage space, a new design of the tablet and the introduction of MagSafe with the iPad Pro.

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It is not yet known how much we will pay for the new iPads in the Netherlands, but there is a good chance that Apple will also implement the price increase here. We don’t have to wait long for the iPad Pro 2024, because Apple is expected to release the tablet in March. iPadOS 17.4 (and iOS 17.4) will also be released around that period. Apple will likely host an event in the spring to announce all the new products and accessories.

new iPads 2024

Buy a new iPad? These are the lowest prices

The new iPads will therefore be much more expensive this year. It remains to be seen whether Apple will also increase the prices of the ‘normal’ iPad, the iPad mini and the iPad Air. These tablets will reportedly not have an OLED screen, so prices may remain the same. Do you think the new prices of the iPad Pro are too expensive? Then view the lowest prices of current iPads in our price comparator, so you never pay too much!

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