New Mercedes-Benz GLC: unveiling near

New Mercedes-Benz GLC: unveiling nearSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLCSpyshots Mercedes-Benz GLC

Car manufacturers are increasingly turning their attention to developing new electric models. Mercedes-Benz also has a whole arsenal of new electric cars in the pipeline, but don’t forget its more conventional motorized models. There will simply be a new generation of GLC that will be delivered with combustion engines. These spy photos show that new GLC better than ever.

The EQC has entered the history books at Mercedes-Benz as the brand’s first series-production electric car that does not have a version with combustion engines. More than just an electric version of an existing model like the B250e once was. Yet EQC shared its platform with the regular GLC, Mercedes’ competitor to BMW’s X3, which is available with petrol and diesel engines. In time there will be a completely new dedicated EQC, but Mercedes-Benz doesn’t forget the GLC either. The current model presented in 2015 will soon be followed up in the brand new GLC that you see in these spy photos.

Spyshots Mercedes-Benz GLC

Mercedes-Benz GLC

With its much rounder exterior, the current Mercedes-Benz GLC looked completely different from the GLK it replaced. The soon-to-be new second-generation GLC will cause less of a shock in terms of design. Mercedes-Benz undoubtedly showers the SUV with a design sauce that you have already been able to taste somewhat with cars such as the S- and C-class. We expect more similarities with the C-class on a technical level. The GLC will probably also be on its variant of the MRA2 platform. So count on a wide arsenal of petrol and diesel engines, machines that are all equipped with mild-hybrid technology. Anyone who also wants to be able to plug in for a few tens of kilometers can undoubtedly opt for plug-in hybrid powertrains again. The current GLC is available as 300th and 300th, the latter has a diesel engine. Both plug-ins squeeze about 45 kilometers from their 13.5 kWh battery. Don’t be surprised if the plug-in versions of the new GLC almost double that range. Plug-ins from Mercedes-Benz nowadays have a considerable electrical range. Thanks to its 25.4 kWh battery, the C-Class 300e is about 100 kilometers away on a single charge.

Will there also be a GLC Coupe? That wouldn’t be surprising given the increasing number of squashed SUVs on the market. There will also be several AMG flavors again, although each AMG version will have a four-cylinder engine with electrical support under the hood, just like that of the C-class. No more eight or six cylinders. By the way, count on the new GLC being a bit bigger than the current model. The much younger and lower operating GLB is in fact almost as long as the more expensive GLC. These spy photos already show that the second generation GLC is at least growing in length. The striking camouflage print may indicate that Mercedes-Benz deems the time right to slowly but surely show more of the new GLC. An official reveal will probably be a long time coming.

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