New Mercedes-Benz S-class as Brabus

A new Mercedes-Benz S-Class means that all holidays for Brabus staff will be canceled for a while. The tuner presents the top limousine as Brabus B50 and Brabus D40, although more will follow soon.

The funny thing about tuners, especially nowadays, is that they actually achieve the opposite of what is meant. Where the idea is to make a car more personal or unique, performing an S-class entirely in black is, in our opinion, the most predictable thing you can do with such a car.

In Brabus’s defense, we should note that black has always been the company’s trademark. The S-class that has been ‘refined’ by Brabus, as it is nicely called in German, also does have a number of striking external features. For example, the wheels are almost closed, which certainly looks special. The grille is secretly not completely black, but in a kind of dark chrome that is also nicely reflected on the sensor cover in the middle. Great, because this is where a black grille on a Mercedes usually falls through the basket mercilessly.

Brabus will in principle release the new S-class in two engine variants, although more will undoubtedly follow. The first step is called Brabus B50 and is based on petrol version S500. A package called ‘500 PowerXtra performance Upgrade’ with childlike enthusiasm delivers 500 hp for that model, against 435 hp for a standard one. The 0-100 sprint must be over in 4.7 seconds. Diesel drivers can opt for the Brabus D40, which produces an extra 40 hp and 50 Nm for the S400d. This car needs 5.2 counts after the procedure for the sprint to 100.

Of course, the car shown is just an example, although we all know that nine out of ten Brabus Ss will end in a similar way. Brabus supplies, among other things, lowering options, sportier bumpers, the aforementioned wheels in 19 to 21 inches and a different exhaust.

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