New on Netflix and Apple TV Plus: check out our tips for June 2024

A number of top films and series will be added to Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus and Videoland in June 2024. But what should you watch? You can read that in this article with our streaming tips for June.

New on Netflix: June 2024

On Netflix new series and films become available regularly. That’s why we look up iPhoned every month ahead of the new offer with the best tips. These are often new series and films, but old favorites also regularly appear on Netflix. We’ll tell you what’s new on Netflix in June 2024!

All you have to do is add the series or film to your own list, or press play when the time comes. With our ‘New on Netflix’ guide you will be quickly informed of the indispensable series and films every month. Also scroll on to see what’s new on Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus and Videoland.

1. Sweet Tooth (season 3)

It’s time for the third and final season of the Sweeth Tooth series, about a world where human-animal hybrids are born and wrongly blamed for a pandemic. Since the creators knew that this is the last season, hopefully we will get a satisfying ending.

You can watch the third season of Sweet Tooth from now on June the 6th on Netflix.

2. Ultraman: Rising

A top athlete lives in secret as the gigantic superhero Ultraman, who fights large monsters to protect people in the city. He’s just not very good at that. After defeating what turned out to be a mother, this hero in socks is suddenly left to care for a baby kaiju.

You can watch Ultraman: Rising from there 14th of June on Netflix.

3. Tour de France: Unchained (season 2)

The Tour de France season will start again soon, but before then you can have fun with the second season of Tour de France: Unchained. This season focuses entirely on the events of last year.

You can watch the second season of Tour de France: Unchained June 11 on Netflix.

4. Supacell

In this British superhero series, a group of people who have nothing to do with each other are given superpowers. When the main character goes to the future, he sees how his girlfriend has died. Only together with the rest of the group can he save her.

You can look from Supacell June on Netflix (exact date not yet known).

5. The Mole (season 2)

The American version of Wie is de Mol? is back for a second season. A group of players try to earn as much money as possible with assignments, while the mole sabotages everything. The season will be released on the streaming service in three stages, with episodes 1-5 on June 28, episodes 6-8 on July 5, and the final two episodes on July 12.

New on Netflix and Apple TV Plus: check out our tips for June 2024

You can watch the second season of The Mole now June 28 on Netflix.

New on Apple TV Plus June 2024

In June you can watch new episodes of Dark Matter, Trying and The Big Cigar on Apple TV Plus. You can also expect the following new films and series.

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Presumed Innocent

A lawyer (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) is himself suspected of murder. How can he prove his innocence when even the people closest to him doubt him?

You can watch Presumed Innocent from there 12 June on Apple TV Plus.

Fancy Dance

Lily Gladstone (Killers of the Flower Moon) plays a woman trying to find out what happened to her missing sister while caring for her niece. Fancy Dance tells an important story about Native women in the United States.

You can watch Fancy Dance from there June 28 on Apple TV Plus.


In the three-part animated series WondLa, you follow Eva who was raised underground by a robot. When Eva is forced to go to the surface, she enters a world full of aliens.


You can watch WondLa from there June 28 on Apple TV Plus.

New on Disney Plus June 2024

The new season of Doctor Who also continues in June. You can also enjoy a new Star Wars series, among other things.

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  • The Acolyte – 5 June
  • Welcome to Wrexham (season 3) – 12 June

New on Videoland June 2024

Discover Videoland
  • Stranded on Honeymoon Island – 1 June
  • Mother Mafia (season 2) – June 7
  • The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (season 6) – June 20

These were our tips for Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and Videoland June 2024. Do you always want to stay informed of the latest viewing tips? Please sign up for our daily/weekly newsletter. Additionally, download the free iphoned app and keep an eye on our website.

  • New on Netflix and Apple TV Plus: check out our tips for June 2024

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