New patent surfaced: will there be an Apple Pencil for the iPhone?

Apple is working on a new Apple Pencil, which may also work with the iPhone. You may never have to charge that pen. We already know this!

Apple Pencil 3 in development

It’s been almost six years since Apple released the second generation of the Apple Pencil. Last year, the pen received a minor update by releasing a cheaper variant with a USB-C connection. That was not a completely new generation, but serves as an intermediate model for the first and second Apple Pencil. According to a new patent, Apple is working on the Apple Pencil 3, which may also work with the iPhone.

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That’s not all, because the new Apple Pencil supposedly works with all Apple devices. You can also use the pen for your MacBook and Apple Watch. This also seems to confirm the MacBook with touchscreen. The new Apple Pencil will be slightly shorter and reportedly has no battery. Instead, the Apple Pencil reflects light onto the screen of the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch or MacBook. The Apple device then registers the movements of the pen. Unfortunately, that also has a disadvantage.

apple pencil patent

Without battery different operation

When the new Apple Pencil no longer has a battery, an important function disappears. The Apple Pencil 2 can be operated by double tapping the area near the tip of the pen. You then switch between functions, which is useful when you are drawing, for example. This feature only works if there is a battery in the pen, but that does not seem to be the case with the new Apple Pencil for the iPhone and other Apple devices.

Without a battery, the Apple Pencil cannot register double taps. This does not immediately mean that the function of the Apple Pencil 2 will disappear. It is also possible that Apple uses the new technology as an addition to the Apple Pencil 3. In that case, the pen can still be used when the battery is empty, but the double-tapping process no longer works. This way you have an Apple Pencil that you can always use for your iPhone, iPad and other devices, even when it is empty.

macbook pro with apple pencil concept

Apple Pencil for iPhone

If Apple does choose to introduce an Apple Pencil without a battery, it will likely be an addition to the existing range. There were previously rumors that Apple wanted to introduce a special Apple Pencil for the iPhone, for about 50 euros. It is quite possible that this version does not have a battery, because you need functions such as double tapping less quickly with a small screen.

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In any case, it is clear that Apple is working on a new Apple Pencil. The third generation of the pen will probably not be long in coming, because the stylus may appear this month. We can most likely expect the Apple Pencil 3 this spring. Then we also know whether this is the Apple Pencil that works with your iPhone and iPad. Are you curious about all the features of the next Apple Pencil? Then read all about Apple’s next stylus here!

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