New Teslas no longer welcome in Sweden


Tesla Model 3 Rotterdam port delivery

Anyone who has ordered a Tesla in Sweden may have to wait a little longer for it than expected. The cars are no longer entering the country due to targeted strikes and there are more actions affecting Tesla in the Scandinavian country.

New Teslas are not allowed in Sweden for the time being and the cars remain on board the ships that bring them. That reports Reuters. Tesla is dealing with targeted actions supported by unions: Swedish employees are fighting for collective labor agreements. That is something that Tesla worldwide does not want. Tesla also keeps a distance from unions. About 120 mechanics who work on Teslas and are affiliated with the IF Metall union started a strike at the end of October. This is now expanding further and further as other sectors join in out of solidarity.

There are already unionized cleaners who no longer clean Tesla’s Swedish buildings; There are also electricians who skip broken Tesla fast chargers. Postmen no longer deliver mail to Tesla. The Swedish strikes will only continue if Tesla does not come to terms with collective labor agreements, the CEO of IF Metall warns. Interesting, because you can bet that worldwide attention will be paid to how Tesla will act on this.

Photo: Tesla’s Model 3 in the Dutch port awaiting its first owner (2019).

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