Volkswagen ID7 Tourer becomes electric Passat Variant

No more traffic hassles!

Volkswagen ID7 Tourer

With the Volkswagen ID7 Tourer, Volkswagen’s electric range gets an interesting model. After all, the Passat was always very popular as a Variant and there are not many electric station wagons available yet.

The Volkswagen ID7 Tourer is a car you would have seen coming from a mile away. After all, the ID7 is the fully electric alternative to the Passat and the Variant was the hot cake of that model for decades. Apart from that, there is still a lot of room in the pond for electric combinations, so bring on that ID7 Tourer.

Volkswagen ID7 Tourer

3D lighting with dynamic brake and indicator lights and illuminated logo is an option.

Volkswagen itself sees the ID7 Tourer as a mix of Passat Variant and Arteon Shooting Brake: practical ease of use combined with something lifestyley, but of course you can judge that for yourself. The fact is that the Tourer is the same size as the hatchback ID7 and that means a lot of car on the sidewalk. The wheelbase is 297 cm and from bumper to bumper the Tourer measures 496 cm.

Long loading floor

The trunk is of course a different story. In normal configuration it can handle 545 liters. If the rear passengers are willing to sit a little more upright, you can expand that to 605 liters. If those passengers are willing to stay home, you can even make it 1,714 liters. Then you can fit quite large furniture packages, because the loading floor is 195 cm long and exactly one meter wide between the wheel arches.

Furthermore, the interior is of course identical to that of the ID7 hatchback that we now know, so we don’t have to go into too much detail about that. It is distinguished by beautifully finished, high-quality materials. The 15-inch infotainment screen houses almost everything, but to prevent you from having to dive into the menus for the most essential functions, they are always at the bottom, just above three sliders for volume and temperature. The screen above the steering wheel has been kept very small and this is possible thanks to the head-up display, which also projects the navigation instructions virtually onto the road in front of you using augmented reality. The latest version of the system, called MIB4, works with IDA voice commands and at a later stage it will also be linked to ChatGPT, so that you can always inquire on the go in which year Rembrandt painted his Night Watch. Useful!

Volkswagen ID7 Tourer

The interior consists of beautiful, well-finished materials.

The optional panoramic glass roof, which can be closed or transparent using liquid crystals, is also nice. Another notable feature is the Wellness App. Don’t expect infusions or Turkish steam baths, but a show with mood lighting, sounds and – if you have the right chairs – beneficial pushing in the back and buttocks. You can choose from Power Break, Fresh Up and – for the stressed-out driver – Calm Down. No more traffic hassles! Thanks to the long wheelbase, you have plenty of legroom in the back and quite a bit of air between the sky and the crown.

One motor, two batteries

The Volkswagen ID7 Tourer will initially be available in two versions. Both are powered by the well-known 210 kW (286 hp) and 545 Nm strong motor on the rear axle. The biggest difference between the versions called Pro and Pro S is the battery. The Pro has 77 kWh (net) on board, with which Volkswagen expects it to score 600 km WLTP and can fast charge a maximum of 175 kW; good for 10 to 80 percent in ‘considerably less than half an hour’, Volkswagen promises. The Pro S will have 86 kWh, good for an expected 675 km and 200 kW of charging. The Pro sprints to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds, the Pro S takes a tenth of a second longer with its slightly heavier battery.

The Volkswagen ID7 Tourer is expected on Dutch soil by the end of the second quarter. The prices are not yet known, but the importer has told us that the additional price compared to the hatchback will be small.

Volkswagen ID7 Tourer

IQ Light LED matrix lighting is available at an additional cost.

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