Nissan travels 370 autonomous British test kilometers

An investigation into autonomous driving techniques commissioned by the British government has been completed. A test drive of 370 kilometers (230 miles) was successfully made under the project name HumanDrive. Time for the forecast!

For the research project, several parties worked together under the watchful eye of the government. Over the past three years, the project has had all the time and financial scope, £ 13.5 million to be precise, to get started with the research. Two major tests were successfully completed. During the “Grand Drive”, specially prepared Nissans Leaf covered distances of 370 kilometers over the British roads.

The Leafs are equipped with the latest technologies, GPS radars, Lidar techniques and various camera technologies. With the help of these systems, the Nissans can go their own way. The cars themselves were also in charge of navigation and other unexpected obstacles. The research also focused on driving self-driving EVs as naturally as possible.

Although it remains a test project for the time being, future systems can build on the lessons of HumanDrive research.

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