No more free 4K YouTube videos (unless you pay)

It looks like YouTube is going to offer 4K video watching exclusively for YouTube Premium users. You can no longer watch 4K YouTube videos with a free account.

4K movies only with YouTube Premium

Do you often watch videos in 4K on your iPhone, iPad or Mac on YouTube? Then it is a good idea to take out a YouTube Premium subscription soon. More and more messages are appearing on Reddit and Twitter that this will become a necessity in the future.

Indeed, some users have noticed something in the YouTube app on iOS (and presumably on other platforms as well). This shows that from now on you must have YouTube Premium to watch videos in 4K.

But not all users get the message that YouTube 4K videos can only be seen with a Premium account. It is therefore unclear whether YouTube will implement the restriction definitively.

Google experiment

Presumably, the limitation of YouTube 4K is an experiment by Google. That’s something we’ve seen many times before. Recently, Google experimented with no less than ten ads you can’t skip before seeing the video. That experiment didn’t make it in the end (thankfully), so let’s hope the limitations of YouTube 4K end the same way.

YouTube Premium…

If the function is implemented, you can no longer watch YouTube 4K for free, but only videos up to 1440p. Whether this option is available depends on the person who put the video on YouTube. The question is whether you think that is sufficient or not. And whether you think the cost of a Premium subscription is worth it.

YouTube 4k

For a YouTube Premium account you pay at least 6.99 euros per month. That is not only for YouTube 4K, you will no longer see advertisements. There is also a version that costs you 11.99 euros per month. Then you get YouTube Music and you can save videos to watch offline.

… a lot cheaper

Do you still want to take YouTube Premium? Then we have another trick for you. By using a VPN you can save quite a bit of money. You can read more about it in the article below!

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