Nokia will charge for additional year of updates

Nokia will charge for additional year of updates

HMD Global may charge a fee for customers who want to extend the update term by one year. This option is under development for the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20.

The success of Nokia

In the early years of mobile telephony, Nokia was one of the largest players on the market and even the largest for a while. Moments later, they almost disappeared from the landscape to make a major comeback with HMD Global. This was made possible, among other things, by the exceptionally good software support. Still, the company has fallen short in recent years, editor Jeffrey noted last year: “There was no great success.” The rollout of Android 11 was also significantly delayed.

Pay for updates

Now it appears from dealer lists (via NPU) that HMD Global will give its customers with a Nokia X10 or Nokia X20 the option to pay for more updates. Currently, the Nokia X-series phones receive three years of security updates, three years of OS upgrades and a three-year warranty. A fourth year could then be purchased for an additional fee. An amount of 24.94 euros is mentioned in the lists. It is not known whether these are security updates or version updates, or perhaps a combination of both.

HMD Global gives the Nokia XR20 version updates for three years and monthly security updates for four years. With the Nokia X10 and X20 models, updates are only “guaranteed” for three years. However, for some users, the offer would still be of interest as it can extend the life of their phone.

What do you think of this option? Can it be imported by more manufacturers? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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Nokia will charge for additional year of updates
Nokia X20

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