Not just marginal figures: the women behind Bismarck

to:_Bismarck,_Otto_von;_statesman._1815–1898.__“Rantzau still life_in_Friedrichsruh”:_Bismarck_with_his_daughter_Marie,_her_husband_Count_Rantzau_and_their_children.__Drawing,_by_Christian_Wilhelm_Allers,_(1857–1915),_Mar z_1892.

Around 1893 with the Bismarcks in Friedrichsruh: Marie (at the table in the middle), Johanna (to her right), Marguerite (standing in the back right).

Who were Johanna, Marie and Marguerite von Bismarck? A new study takes a look at the women who for a long time were of no interest to anyone.

Otto von Bismarck's wife Johanna (1824-1894), his daughter Marie (1848-1926) and his daughter-in-law Marguerite joined as actors with their own agenda and voice

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