Nvidia Shield TV gets long-awaited Android 11 update

Nvidia Shield TV gets long-awaited Android 11 update

The Nvidia Shield TV has been the most popular (and arguably the best) Android TV media player on the market for years. Not only in terms of possibilities, but also in terms of update support. That support continues today for every model Nvidia has ever released.

Shield TV receives Android 11

Nvidia indicated a while ago that it wanted to skip Android 10 and immediately provide the Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro with Android 11. After that, the manufacturer started a beta program to test the Android version, and a little later the recovery images of the update were published. Now that everything has been tested, it is time to roll out the stable version of Android 11 for the media players. Starting this week, Shield media player owners can expect the Android TV 11 update.

  • Nvidia Shield TV 2019 Pro
  • Nvidia Shield TV 2019
  • Nvidia Shield TV 2017
  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2015
  • Nvidia Shield TV 2015
Nvidia Shield TV gets long-awaited Android 11 update

More goodies in the update

In addition to the new Android version, the Nvidia Shield Experience 9 update contains even more improvements. For example, there is an improved Gboard app with Google Assistant support. You can give commands or ask questions to the smart helper in any search box throughout the system. Support for aptX Bluetooth headsets is also on board.

Stadia players also get a nice extra, as Nvidia is bringing support for the Stadia button to its own Shield Controller, as well as Xbox and PlayStation controllers. The full list of improvements find you here.

  • September 2021 Android Security Update
  • Support for aptX-compatible Bluetooth headsets
  • Automatically unpair Bluetooth devices in sleep mode
  • Audio resolution of content can be adjusted
  • New Gboard keyboard options
  • New Energy Saving Setting
  • Support for Stadia buttons on Xbox, Playstation and SHIELD controllers
  • Additional bug fixes

Have you already received the update on your Nvidia Shield? Which Shield do you have? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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