Organize and print vacation photos on iPhone: the 4 best apps

After a vacation, the photo gallery of your iPhone freezes over the vacation photos. Before sharing the photos with friends and family, it’s nice to put first order in the chaos of holiday snaps. There are several apps that help organize or print vacation photos from your iPhone.

Organize vacation photos from your iPhone

Figuring out after your holiday which photos can be removed or which you want to keep can be a daunting task. It is a lot more convenient if there is already an album ready, which you have put together during your trip. We give you an overview of the apps that help you with this.

1. Polarsteps

Polarsteps tries to make things as easy as possible for users. The app automatically follows your route and marks the places you have visited. You can then add photos to these ‘steps’ yourself. The app sorts photos per step based on GPS data from your photos. This means you don’t have to search your gallery for the right selection first. For the time being it is not possible to place videos in Polarsteps, but text is.

All this can be done offline. Polarsteps only needs GPS data to create the scooters. As soon as you are connected to the internet, the steps will be uploaded and shared. Polarsteps also automatically keeps track of all kinds of interesting statistics about your journey, such as how many kilometers you travel and what percentage of the world you have already seen.

Both a private account and a public profile are possible. In private mode, only people you allow will follow you. Others don’t see your trips and scooters. Are you looking for tips or routes? Take a look at other people’s journeys through the Explore page, where editors highlight various Polarstep trips made by users.

2. Esplorio

Just like Polarsteps, Esplorio automatically keeps track of which places you visit and creates a route based on that. Add vacation photos to make a travelogue for yourself. The photo trip that eventually arises is not automatically shared with others, you have the choice.

iPhone vacation photos

Esplorio also tracks your location offline. As soon as you have WiFi or internet, you can easily add photos to any destination. Other places you have ever been can also be found via Esplorio. The app uses all kinds of social media to keep track of your destination via the ‘My Places’ function. In addition, the app supports Siri. When you ask Siri to show a specific destination, Siri immediately shows your corresponding photos.

3. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is known as the app where you find the best-rated hotels, restaurants and attractions during your trip. But the app is also suitable for keeping your holiday photos per place. Via the ‘My trips’ option you can add trips yourself. When you then check in at places, you can attach notes and photos to them.

It is also possible to add activities via TripAdvisor that you want to do or have already done during your trip. Conveniently, you can also check in offline, so you don’t have to worry that the app will not update your travelogue without an internet connection.

This way you print a photo book from your iPhone

Do you prefer a tangible memory of your holiday? Then having a photo book printed is a godsend. It saves time and effort if you don’t have to upload photos to a computer or website first to order the photo book. The following apps provide a solution for this.

1. Journi

With Journi, keeping your photos while traveling is a bit more work. Everything has to be done manually and there are endless options for the travel diary. The app is perfect for bundling your photos afterwards, because you can immediately create and print your own photo book from Journi. In Journi you can make an elongated plate for each destination or trip. Like a mood board, but for holiday photos.

In addition to photos, stickers and stamps of destinations and flight information can also be added. It is handy that you can work on one board with several people. So you can make a plate of the holiday together with your friends, family, partner or family. You can have the board printed and design it yourself in advance. The price for a photo book via Journi is between 22.99 euros and 36.99 euros. This depends on the shape, size and whether you choose a hard or soft cover.

2. Polarsteps

Polarsteps offers not only automatic tracking of your trip, but also the possibility to make a physical photo book afterwards. After you have completed your trip on Polarsteps, you can create a photo book via the ‘My Travel Books’ option.

Polarsteps collects all texts and photos of the scooters of that trip and shows a first version of the photo book. You then choose which texts and photos should or should not be included and how the book is designed. The price for a photo book via Polarsteps depends on the number of pages.

Even more holiday tips for your iPhone

In addition to an app to keep track of your travel and vacation photos, there are several other handy vacation apps to install. Also check our iPhone holiday guide to be optimally prepared for your trip.

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