Ötzi – The Iceman

A more precise analysis of the genetic makeup of the glacier mummy Ötzi provides new insights into the appearance and genetic origins of the famous Copper Age man… more

Researchers have taken a look into the “toolbox” of the glacier man Ötzi. Their analyzes reveal interesting things about the last days of the famous South Tyrolean – and about the life of the Copper Age cultures of the time… more

The glacier man Ötzi apparently suffered from a typical disease of civilization during his lifetime: researchers discovered vascular calcification in the mummy… more

Ötzi is a find of the century. The glacier mummy’s equipment and clothing provide a unique look into the Neolithic period 5,300 years ago. But it’s not just archaeologists who gain insights from the mummy. It tells doctors and geneticists important information about pathogens that still affect people today. What about the man from Tisenjoch… more

Since the mummy of Ötzi, the Iceman, was discovered in 1991, there has been speculation about how he died. What new did the researchers find out about the ice cream man?… more

The glacier mummy Ötzi has provided many a surprising insight into the early history of Europe. Now researchers have made another unexpected discovery: Chemical analyzes reveal that the copper in Ötzi’s hatchet did not come from the Alpine region or the Balkans as previously assumed… more

Was the famous glacier man suffering from stomach pain? Could be, because the gastritis pathogen Helicobacter pylori lived in his stomach. Its genome sequence now even raises questions about prehistoric migrations… more

Why did the ice cream man “Ötzi” get a tattoo? A newly discovered tattoo on his chest overturns previous attempts at explanation…. more

Researchers at the Medical University of Innsbruck have found living relatives of the glacier mummy Ötzi. Walther Parson’s team analyzed the DNA of 3,700 men who had donated blood in Tyrol. They discovered a clear match in 19 donors with the genetic makeup of the man who lived on the… more

Glacier archeology is now a completely independent branch of research. And what the researchers are recovering from the ice is astonishing… more

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