Party: The Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo 2 turned 30

At Mercedes-Benz they like to remember the ‘birthday’ of a special historic car. The Mercedes 190 Evo 2 was shown to the world 30 years ago.

Time is moving fast: it has been 30 years since the Mercedes 190 Evo 2 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Mercedes clearly had a lot of fun on its then smallest model. To meet the homologation requirements for the DTM, Mercedes had already launched the Evo 1 a year earlier. That was a technically and optically slightly modified 190 2.3-16V. This Evo 2 went a step further. The power unit, an atmospheric 2.5-liter four-cylinder sixteen-valve developed by Cosworth, squeezed out no less than 235 horsepower in the Evo 2. You went from 0-100 km / h in 7.1 seconds and the top speed was 250 km / h.

These days, these are no longer shocking figures, but the 190 Evo 2 was a very fast car by 1990 standards. The appearance of the Evo 2 also made it no secret that it was something special here. All around, the 190 body was fitted with thicker bumper work and especially the huge rear spoiler is so characteristic of the Evo 2. Hydropneumatic air suspension allowed the car to be placed closer to the ground and a limited slip differential, modified suspension and suspension were also required to ensure that the Evo 2 also stood its ground in the more challenging corners.

Everything proved that this was no ordinary 190. Certainly also from the price tag. Only 502 copies were built and they all went out despite their (converted) price of € 110,000. You can check € 110,000 in the early 1990s. Nowadays another one appears for sale: then you should quickly count on the threefold.

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