Plenty of security and benefits with Volvo Service Plan

Volvo maintenance contract with benefits

Volvo XC40

With the Volvo Service Plan you arrange maintenance for your Volvo for a fixed period. You also benefit from this maintenance compared to separately paid maintenance moments and it gives you certainty and control of your maintenance costs. In combination with a Volvo Selekt, the advantage even increases to 50 percent.

  • Purchase maintenance in advance with the Volvo Service Plan
  • New Volvo; period of 1 to 5 years
  • Used Volvo: period of 1 to 3 years
  • Advantage of 15 percent compared to regular maintenance
  • Temporarily discount of up to 50 percent at Volvo Selekt used cars
  • A fixed price during the contract

This is how the Volvo Service Plan works

It Volvo Service Plan can be seen as a maintenance contract. For a predetermined amount, you know exactly where you stand in the coming years and your Volvo will receive the very best maintenance. A 3-year/90,000 km contract with annual maintenance costs €1,380 for a new Volvo, €1,680 for a used one (up to 10 years old). For that amount, regular maintenance is carried out, including engine oil, filters and spark plugs. With the temporary promotion, you now have the Volvo Service Plan for only €975 for 3 years / 90,000 km when purchasing a Volvo Selekt.

Perfect combination: Volvo Selekt & Volvo Service Plan

Do you want a used car with the security of a new one and not have to worry about maintenance costs for the coming years? Then choose Volvo Selekt, the quality mark for a Volvo with practical experience. A Volvo with a known history, inspected on more than 100 points and delivered with a 24-month factory warranty. Especially for buyers of a Volvo Selekt, there is now the Volvo Service Plan with an extra discount, which increases the benefit to 50 percent during the promotional period.

Volvo Service Plan in brief

  • Overview and cost savings
  • Maintenance by an authorized Volvo Service Partner, use of original parts
  • Volvo Assistance mobility assistance, 24/7 throughout Europe
  • Valid in the Netherlands at all authorized Volvo Service Partners
  • Value retention of the car
  • Protection against possible price increases
  • Contract remains valid upon sale, added value upon sale
  • The latest software updates
  • Volvo Personal Service with your own Volvo Personal Service Technician

Read more about Volvo Service Plan and what it can do for you here.

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