Prefer a Golf GTi or Golf R? – AutoWeek Podcast

How the new Volkswagen ID.3 drives and the unveiling of a new Golf R: enough topics for the podcast this week. Listen to this week’s episode below!

Techzle now has its own podcast: De Uitlaat. Following the success of the Rearview Mirror, we thought it would be fun to dive deeper into our work and a podcast gives us the time to go into things more extensively. This week, Marco and Roy discuss Kia’s entry into Ionity, Roy drove the ID3 and Marco actually managed to get Roy to stop by presenting him with a dilemma.

You can of course listen above, but you can also find us in Apple Podcast, Spotify, TuneIN,Google Podcast, and Pocket Cast. Search for Techzle or De Uitlaat and subscribe if you don’t want to miss an episode. We aim to go live about twice a month for the time being. Great for long stretches in the car or during boring work.

Let us know in the comments what you think or if you have any suggestions that we should discuss. Questions or input via Twitter can be done via #AWUitlaat. Have fun listening!

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