Prepare for showers with the Rain Alert app

0502 storm alarm

Is it going to rain where you are in the next few hours? And when will the storm be over? The Buienalarm app shows this in a clear way.

There are several apps that show rainfall radars. Usually it is a map, showing the rain showers from above. Buenalarm does things a little differently. The app will view your location and indicate the amount of rain as a graph on a timeline. If there is nothing to see on the timeline, it will remain dry. But if you see a blue line, then precipitation is coming. The higher the line, the harder the rain. And if the line goes down, the shower will decrease and it may even become dry.

Storm alarm is widely used because it can be seen at a glance when it will rain or when it will stop. The app is free to download for Android devices and for iPhones and iPads.

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