Problems with watchOS 10: Apple Watch screen becomes too dark

Have you already installed watchOS 10? Then it is quite possible that the screen of your Apple Watch is sometimes too dark to read. This is what’s going on.

Issues in watchOS 10

Apple has released watchOS 10 for your Apple Watch, one of the biggest watchOS updates in years. With watchOS 10, your Apple Watch gets several new features, including widgets for the home screen. We already saw widgets on the iPhone and iPad, but now they are finally coming to Apple’s smartwatch. In addition, watchOS 10 has new health features and watch faces.

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The launch of a new operating system is almost always accompanied by problems and watchOS 10 is no different. For many users, the Weather app seems to load very slowly and the widget does not even work at all. Now new complaints are coming in about the screen brightness of the Apple Watch Ultra. The screen of the Apple Watch is reportedly much too dark to read.

watchOS 10 screen

Apple Watch screen too dark

Users who have installed watchOS 10 complain about the screen brightness of the Apple Watch Ultra. In a dark environment, the Apple Watch screen becomes so dark that it is barely readable. This issue is reportedly affecting both the first and second generation Apple Watch Ultra. When you go from a light to a dark room, the screen does not adapt well.

This may be due to the introduction of the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The screen of the new Apple Watch has no less than 3000 nits, which means the peak brightness is much higher. With the first generation Apple Watch Ultra this was still 2000 nits. The differences in this peak brightness do not seem to have been properly processed in watchOS 10, resulting in a screen that is too dark.

Apple Watch ultra 2

New version of watchOS is coming

This is a problem in watchOS 10, so Apple will probably solve this problem quickly with an update. According to rumors, Apple is already aware of the problem, and it usually does not take long before a minor software update is released. Apple has already released watchOS 10.0.1 and 10.0.2, which will likely fix the Apple Watch screen issue in watchOS 10.0.3.

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