Regular headaches? Avoid three mistakes

Headaches are one of the most common side effects of corona vaccinations.  However, most of them are probably not triggered by the vaccination itself.
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A dull and oppressive skull, again and again? In order to get tension headaches under control, three common mistakes should be avoided, says the German Brain Foundation.

Almost everyone knows it, some people it accompanies again and again in everyday life: tension headache. Those who want to get rid of regular headaches should better not do these three things.

Mistake 1: Just ignore the pain

Doing nothing – that’s not a solution. There is a risk that tension headaches will occur more frequently and may even become chronic, as the German Brain Foundation warns. Over time, it can happen that the pain centers in the brain are permanently irritated. The pain then takes care of itself.

There is another downside to ignoring it: the pain can spread and cause tension in the neck and shoulders.

Mistake 2: Not engaging with the trigger

Sure, one pill makes the headache go away. In order to get a grip on them in the long term, however, it is necessary to identify the triggers and tackle them – as far as possible.

Maybe you drink too little. Or it is everyday life with too many demands and too few breaks to which the body regularly reacts with an oppressive skull.

If you want to prevent headaches, you can, for example, incorporate relaxation exercises into your everyday life, as the Brain Foundation advises. And regular endurance sports can also help – preferably at least 30 to 45 minutes three days a week.

Mistake 3: Taking painkillers too often

Painkillers such as ASA, ibuprofen or paracetamol are welcome helpers against headaches. However, you should keep track of how often you swallow them.

According to the German Brain Foundation, you should not take headache medication for more than ten days a month. If you take them more often, there is a risk of headaches as a side effect – and with it a spiral of pain that is difficult to get out of.

What can be an alternative to the tablet: apply some peppermint oil on the temples or put a cold compress on the back of the neck.

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