Remove the SIM card from an iPhone, exchange it or replace it with eSIM

Including an explanation of the importance of the SIM card holder

It’s a piece of cake for many users, but this basic tip is a useful tool for many new iPhone users. How to remove the SIM card from an iPhone and how to exchange it.

Although the physical SIM card is slowly starting to disappear and is being replaced by eSIM. It is still useful to know how to remove or exchange the card. We will help you get started with the step-by-step plan below.

Remove SIM card from an iPhone

When you buy an iPhone, the box comes with a handy SIM card removal tool, but you can also use the end of a paper clip. Where exactly the SIM card holder is located depends on your iPhone model. For example, since the iPhone 12, the holder has been on the left side, while before it was on the right or at the top.

To open the SIM card holder, insert a paperclip or SIM card removal tool into the hole next to the holder. Carefully push this through the opening, towards your iPhone, but do not force it. Take a good look at how the holder comes out of the iPhone, because you will have to put it back in this way soon.

SIM card locations iPhone
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Insert SIM card into the holder

Now place the (new) SIM card in the holder. Due to the slanted corner, the SIM card only fits in the holder one way. Then insert the SIM card holder all the way back into the device with the same side up as when you took it out. If you don’t remember this, pay attention. Try carefully, because the holder only fits into the device one way.

Replace physical SIM card with eSIM

Several providers support eSIM, not only for dual-SIM, but also for the traditional SIM card. On the iPhone XS, XR, 11 (Pro) and 12 (Pro) you can have one eSIM active at a time. Since the iPhone 13 (Pro), you can use two eSIMs on the device. In fact, in the US, the iPhone 14 (Pro) no longer includes a SIM card holder.

If you still have a physical SIM card, you can exchange it for an eSIM. This way you can immediately benefit from all kinds of benefits. This is a digital SIM card. This does the same as a normal physical SIM card, but is already built into the phone.

SIM card holder unique

Please note, the SIM card holder is unique and belongs to the device. It is important that you do not confuse this with another iPhone. Not only can the format differ per generation, each SIM card holder also contains two unique codes. The serial number and the IMEI number, the latter is used for different purposes.

iphone sim card holder

The best known is by the police, using this number a telephone can be traced and blocked. But Apple can also use this number, for example, to register the repairs you have carried out on your device. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

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