Renewed Volkswagen Polo GTI has a price

Renewed Volkswagen Polo GTI has a priceVolkswagen Polo GTVolkswagen Polo GTVolkswagen Polo GTVolkswagen Polo GTVolkswagen Polo GT

The facelifted Volkswagen Polo has been in the showroom for a while, but the renewed Polo GTI did not yet have a new price. That turns out not to work.

The top version of the Polo range was presented separately earlier this year and is also slightly behind the rest of the range when it comes to market introduction. Today we learn that Volkswagen wants a minimum of €37,990 for the car. That is a lot, especially when you know that a Polo GTI in 2020 could still be yours for just under 32 mille.

As a small plaster on the wound you not only get 7 whole horsepower extra (total 207 pieces) and an extra DSG gear (now 7), but also some equipment. For example, every Polo GTI has IQ-light, or LED matrix lighting, as standard. That was not available before the facelift, but in addition, the Polo GTI was also equipped with the basic headlights as standard at the time. Two-zone climate control and parking sensors all around are also standard on the GTI. But yes, 38 grand…

Moreover, the Polo GTI is certainly not packed in its new form. An assistance package including a blind spot sensor, for example, costs extra, as does keyless entry and heated seats. Add a package including a panoramic roof to the whole, and the price flies over 40,000 euros.

Fiesta ST

In defense of Volkswagen, this rather bizarre pricing is of course mainly a Dutch problem, thanks to relatively high CO2 emissions and therefore bpm. The renewed Ford Fiesta ST is also expensive, namely at least €34,975. However, that is clearly less, and moreover, that car in the Netherlands is standard very well in its stuff.

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