The Homey Pro 2023 smart home hub was announced a while ago and has recently become available.

Aad Munsterman and Rob Coenraads

Homey Pro 1

The Homey Pro 2023 was announced a while ago and has recently become available. It is a standalone device and completely redesigned with recent hardware, user-friendly software and broad support of smart protocols. The device, in the shape of a hockey puck with an LED edge, acts as one central hub and links many smart products with different protocols, from which data and signals can be requested and actions can be initiated via flows to other linked products. You can control the Homey Pro 2023 both manually and via voice control.

The available communication protocols are Wi-Fi 5, BT 5.0-LE, 433 MHz, Z-Wave Plus 700, Zigbee 3.0, infrared and Matter and Thread are promised later this year. The Homey Appstore provides an overview of the many supported products and flow maps that can be used for automation.

The installation is controlled from the Homey app, after which the smart products can be added. We have successfully gotten a mix of products with different protocols to communicate with each other. There is a knowledge base and forum available on the internet from which ideas can be extracted or shared. It is a nice smart hobby device, ready-made as a base, but it also requires creativity to make your smart equipment communicate with each other as smartly as possible.

Product: Homey Pro 2023

4 stars

Recommended retail price:

* integration tool for many smart protocols and products
* user-friendly with lots of functionality

* optimization points