Curious about the health of your hard drive? An important indicator is the number of bad sectors. The more of these, the more unreliable the hard drive is.

In practice, bad sectors can lead to data loss and data damage. With Macrorit Disk Scanner, which you can use for free, you can take a closer look at your hard drive.

macrorit disk scanner 2

Anyone who has used MS-DOS’s defragmentation and control programs in the distant past will find the user environment familiar. During the scan you are kept informed of the good and bad sectors via a large area filled with boxes. A red block means a bad sector, while a green block indicates a healthy sector. The results are not only visible in the graphical overview, but are also listed in a log file. Nice if you want to share this with others. Moreover, you do not need to install Macrorit Disk Scanner. You can put the portable edition on a USB stick and then easily run it on other computers.

With the paid version you get more functions. A test can take quite some time. Fortunately, you do not have to stay with this the entire time and you can also indicate that the computer should be shut down automatically after the scan. If you have a disk that is divided into multiple partitions, you can also indicate which specific partitions should be checked.

Product: Macrorit Disk Scanner

3 and half stars

Platform: Windows

* select partition
* automatic shutdown after checking

* log files can only be saved with paid edition