RIP 5G BlackBerry: OnwardMobility loses rights

RIP 5G BlackBerry: OnwardMobility loses rights

It was recently announced that BlackBerry would no longer offer support and on January 4 it seemed that BlackBerry had officially died. Until OnwardMobility came on the air and stated that the 5G BlackBerry would come after all. Unfortunately, it can’t live up to that: it has lost its license to use the BlackBerry name.

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5G BlackBerry

It seems that we can now really declare BlackBerry as a phone name dead, or at least let it survive in our brains in a nice nostalgic memory. The brand itself has chosen to revoke the license of OnwardMobility, because it really no longer wants telephones to be produced under that name.

It’s very annoying and a little embarrassing for OnwardMobility, which just a month ago announced with great fanfare that “contrary to popular belief, we’re not dead yet” when it comes to BlackBerry. It even promised regular updates from that month on, but they were not forthcoming in the first month. Android Police writes that OnwardMobility is discontinuing development because it has lost its license.


In a way it is a pity: we are curious how it was with the 5G BlackBerry. What would he have looked like? In any case, it would have a physical keyboard, as befits a BlackBerry. It would also look a lot like the Android sliding phone Priv from 2015. It is of course still possible that OnwardMobility will continue to develop the device under a different name, because it has already made the investment, but it is not clear whether OnwardMobility is complete. gives up: it has not yet officially responded to the news itself.

It’s exciting, because OnwardMobility has never released a device itself and started in 2018. Will the entire company go up in smoke, or just the BlackBerry name on the device? Hopefully the company will provide clarity soon, although we are not sure after the reporting in January to what extent we can rely on this.

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