Rumor: Apple won’t release a larger 27-inch iMac at all

Bad news for those who want a large iMac: According to a new rumor, Apple has no plans to release a 27-inch version of the computer. The 24-inch model would remain an only child.

Rumor has it no 27-inch iMac on the way

The Apple event of March 2022 already ended with a somewhat ominous announcement: only the Mac Pro had to switch from Intel processors to Apple’s own silicon chips. Online, many people immediately wondered what that meant for the larger version of the iMac. Would it be deleted altogether?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question seems to be yes. Apple removed the old 27-inch iMac from its website after the event and according to a rumor from 9to5Mac there will be no replacement. The larger iMac Pro with mini-LED screen, which we read several posts about, would therefore have been a breeze.

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The Intel version of the 27-inch iMac is no longer for sale

Future versions of the 24-inch iMac will also not get fast Pro, Max or Ultra chips, according to the website. The current all-in-one has to make do with the regular M1 processor and its successor gets a normal M2 chip. This means that the iMac is no longer an option for graphic professionals.

Focus on Mac Studio and Studio Display

So it’s clear that Apple wants to push those professionals towards the Mac Studio. The brand-new desktop computer is like a souped-up Mac mini with super-fast chips, plenty of memory, and hefty hard drives. Together with the Studio Display, Apple’s new monitor, you have a beautiful set on your desk.

Plus, that combination is much more powerful than the old 27-inch iMac was. There is a catch, because it is also a lot more expensive. You put down at least more than 4000 euros for it, while the entry-level model of the last large iMac cost half that.

We therefore hope that Apple changes its plans in the future. If only because an all-in-one looks just that little bit tighter on your desk than separate components.

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