“Samsung will release Android 13 update from October 17”

Samsung will update its Galaxy S22 series from October 17 with the major One UI 5 update based on Android 13. The update comes with improvements to widgets, multiple usage profiles, additional options for the color palette and more

Samsung One UI 5 Update

Samsung has been working on its own interpretation of Android 13 for some time, which will be called One UI 5. According to the rumor spreader SuperRoader users can get excited about the Android 13 update on their phones from October 17 to 19. The update will appear first on the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra.

This month we also got to see the first images of new features. Samsung phones get more different themes in the Color Palette created from Google’s Material You. Furthermore, the brand allows users to stack multiple widgets on top of each other on the home screen if they are the same size. There will also be more ways to customize notification behavior for each app.

Camera help, security and profiles

In addition, Samsung has simplified the settings menu for ‘Sound and vibration’ and you can now choose the language for each app separately. An important aspect of a smartphone is also the camera, and from now on there is more information about the use of the different lenses and modes in the camera app. You will also soon be able to use a phone with several people, thanks to the support for profiles. User profiles have in fact been part of Android for some time, but Samsung has always ignored the function.

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But of course, safety still comes first. Samsung introduces a new ‘Security & Privacy’ menu that displays the security status of your phone. If there are problems, such as an outdated software version, the menu will provide the correct solution.

If Samsung wants to update its Galaxy S22 series from October 17, this update will come a month earlier compared to last year. What do you think is the most interesting improvement in One UI 5, and are there any other features you would like to see with this update? Let us know in the comments.

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