Saving energy with a smart home

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A smart home mainly contributes to living comfort and convenience, for example you automate your lighting and temperature. Energy saving is often also mentioned as an advantage of a smart home. How do you do that?

Energy saving is a topic that is very topical, because gas and energy prices have gone through the roof in recent months. Insulation and turning the thermostat down a degree are effective and obvious measures to prevent the energy bill from getting completely out of hand. Your smart home equipment can also contribute to this, provided you set it up properly, of course.

Want to save with a smart thermostat? Then set this correctly.

Smart use of smart equipment

A smart thermostat does not immediately mean that you save, and the same applies to smart lighting. Of course you can save a lot in the field of lighting if you replace your old bulbs with modern smart LED lamps. After all, LED uses much less energy to generate light. However, a smart LED bulb uses energy to stay connected. The savings can be found in smart adjustment of the LED lamps, so that the lamps are only switched on when necessary.

The same goes for your smart thermostat. If you use these to preheat your house before you go home, it is not very economical. You save by heating the used rooms in the house when necessary. For example, make a schedule in which there is no unnecessary heating at night. And if you are out the door quickly in the morning, does it pay to keep your thermostat working? A critical look at the schedule and the automatic heating ensures the savings.

By connecting a Raspberry Pi to your smart meter, you know what you are using.

Other smart equipment

More tech is available to save less energy. For example, with smart curtains that you can close automatically. You can use smart plugs (linked to power strips, for example) to prevent multiple devices from consuming energy unnecessarily when you’re not using them. Think of your smart speaker and television.

After all, there is still a lot you can do with your smart meter. For example, by reading this continuously with a Raspberry Pi. Measuring is knowing, of course, also applies to energy savings. By taking energy-saving measures, you can immediately check what effect it has on your total consumption.

Automatic energy saving course

If you want to go a step further in energy saving in a smart way, you can contact the Tech Academy. The course save energy automatically helps you to map your energy consumption and then how you can save. In fact, the course helps you to set up a dashboard with Home Assistant, so that you can accurately see what you are using and saving.


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