Set up, edit and personalize contact poster on iPhone

Since iOS 17, Apple has updated the Phone app with personal posters of contacts, giving you a new way to express yourself. You decide how you appear in front of someone else, which gives incoming conversations a whole new look.

You can put together the posters yourself and provide them with your own photo or Memoji. You can edit it extensively and use colorful fonts that pop off the screen. You can also use contact posters in the Contacts app and show them when you receive calls from third-party phone apps.

Set up personal contact poster

  • Open the Contacts app
  • Navigate to your personal contacts card
  • Tap ‘Change’ and then tap your profile photo (or poster)
  • Then choose ‘Create new’ or tap the plus button
  • Then edit the poster
Set up personal contact poster

You can then determine what your poster should look like, so you can choose a photo, Memoji or monogram. You can then adjust the font of your name and certain (photo) effects. When you’re satisfied, tap Done to save the poster.

You can then edit your profile photo in addition to your poster. This can also be done afterwards by activating the editing module for posters via the steps above or tap ‘Customize’ under an existing poster to edit the poster or just the profile photo.

Automatically share poster

Do you want to automatically share your poster with other Apple users? Then you can activate this by opening your contact card in the Contacts application. Then tap ‘Contact photo and poster’, enable the option, adjust any details and choose a sharing option. You can also set this via Settings ▸ Messages ▸ Share name and photo.

Contact Posters is a creative feature intended to make iOS more personal. This way, not only your profile photo is shared, but also your poster with your contact list. When you call someone, the software will automatically display your poster in full screen, making the call immediately more personal.

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