Significantly fewer cars stolen in 2021

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Far fewer cars were stolen last year than in 2020. According to experts from the LIV (National Information Center for Vehicle Crime), the corona measures played an important role in this.

In total, more than 5,400 passenger cars were stolen in 2021. That is 16 percent less than a year earlier. Also, 7 percent fewer motorcycles and 18 percent fewer mopeds and light mopeds were stolen. “The corona pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to the decrease in the number of vehicle thefts,” the researchers explain. “In addition, the curfew and the cold winter weather in February will also have played a role.”

Earlier figures from the Dutch Association of Insurers already pointed to a decrease in car thefts and that picture is confirmed by these data. Passenger cars were not only stolen less, they were also recovered more often. In 2021 this happened in 48 percent of cases, compared to 41 percent in 2020.

Popular brands among thieves

In 2021 Volkswagen was again the most popular among car thieves, just like the years before. Toyotas, Renaults and Peugeots also know where to find the thieves, the LIV reports. Last year, 842 Volkswagens were stolen, 29 percent less than in 2020. Most other car brands were also stolen less. Toyotas were stolen 15 percent less, Renaults 19 percent. Car thieves took just 2 percent more Peugeots.

Land Rovers have the highest risk of theft. This takes into account the much smaller number of cars of this brand that are driving around in the Netherlands. 1 in 393 cars of this brand was stolen last year. Lexus, Mazda and Audi are also loved by the thieves’ guild and are relatively often stolen.

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