Skoda Octavia Pro is longer Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is already a space giant in its class, but there is a version in the barrel that makes the Czech grow even bigger. The brand comes with the extended Octavia Pro.

The Skoda Octavia is already of considerable size with its length of 4.69 meters and wheelbase of 2.67 meters. The hatchback will also be marketed in China as the Octavia Pro. At first it seems like an Octavia, but it promises to be even more spacious than the model that is in European showrooms.

The Octavia Pro, which is being built by Volkswagen in collaboration with SAIC Motor, measures 4.75 meters in length, making it about six centimeters longer than the original. SAIC Volkswagen also sticks extra centimeters between the front and rear axle. The wheelbase increases by six centimeters to 2.73 meters. Those extra centimeters are entirely for the benefit of the passengers in the back seat.

Skoda Octavia China

Skoda Octavia (China, facelift, 2017)

You may have already expected it, but the extended Octavia that Skoda will soon present is specifically intended for the Chinese market. The Pro will soon be sold side by side with the special facelifted variant of the previous Octavia in China in 2017 (photos 3 and 4). The old model will soon be available as a cheaper alternative next to the Octavia Pro in Chinese showrooms.

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